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Working Moms are Good Role Models

Over the past 40 years one of the most dramatic changes in society has been the increase in working mothers. When I was a child in the late 1950s and early 1960s a working mother was the exception, not the rule. When I went over to a friend’s house after school the mom was there and vice versa - my mother was at home, too. Today for a variety of reasons, including the high cost of living, many women work. For many women and couples they wrestle with this is very difficult decision – stay home with my children or [...]

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The Leader as Gardener

One of my favorite movies is Being There. It is a story about a mildly disabled man named Chance, played by Peter Sellers, and is set in Washington, D.C. The movie opens with Chance all alone in a lovely Georgetown townhouse. We quickly learn that he had been living there his whole life and his benefactor had just died and Chance has to leave. He packs a suitcase and walks out onto the streets of D.C. Uneducated, all Chance knows is what he learned from television and taking care of his benefactor’s small garden. Within minutes of leaving, he is [...]

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Switchtracking Derails Receiving Feedback

Feedback is tricky business. For it to work effectively both the receiver and the giver have to be fully engaged. And we have to watch out for how our unconscious self can derail the process. Last week I was introduced to a feedback term called switchtracking on a fairly new podcast called the Hidden Brain (Episode 1, September 2015 ) hosted by Shankar Vedantam. Vedantam is a science correspondant on NPR and usually reports on human behavior and the social sciences. Switchtracking. The term switchtracking is described by author Sheila Heen as the process most receivers of feedback begin when [...]

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Leave the Driving to Your Car

Within ten years your car (or truck) is going to be put out to pasture. And, while it is there, your new car will drop you off at your restaurant and then go find the cheapest parking space to wait for your text to come pick you up. The automobile and its related industries are about to go through the largest inflection point in its history, which goes back 120 years. For you and me, it’s going to be fun and it is starting now. Inflection Point. I first wrote about inflection points in my article about universities and Massive [...]

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Let it Go

On Sunday night I settled down to do some reading. I picked-up my i-Phone to shut it down and there were three e-mails showing. I usually hit delete-delete-delete and deal with them in the morning. Unfortunately, though, I could see the first few words of one of the e-mails and I thought “urghhhh.” Have you ever had that happen to you? The next day I was talking with someone else who was wrestling with a similar situation, although it was a voice mail. This person asked me how I deal with these types of situations. And this is what I [...]

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Dyslexia – The Upside of Being Outside

Claude Monet, Soleil Levant, 1872 Last week in my article When Disadvantage Gives You Advantage I wrote about how writer Malcolm Gladwell in his book David and Goliath explored how sometimes dyslexia can be a “desirable difficulty” - a major challenge that requires a person to adapt and learn new behavior in order to survive and thrive. In several sections of his book Gladwell writes about how often successful people come from “outside” the establishment of a particular industry. He told of how Impressionist artists finally emerged on the art scene in the 1870s only after they broke-off [...]

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When Disadvantage Gives You Advantage

By license from Presenter Media The first time I met my then future brother-in-law, Vic, I was a senior in high school and he was a freshman in college. Like most boys that age the best way to get to know each other is to play a sport together and so I took him down the street to play basketball at an outside hoop. I had a few inches on him and had longer arms and a longer reach. I am sure I thought I could hold my own against him. What I did not expect was that [...]

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How to Waste Ad Dollars, Quickly

Photo by the Author Having lived in New Hampshire for 34 years I have met many Presidents and candidates and have experienced nine primaries and been exposed to thousands of television commercials. And, as a businessperson, I am envious of the quantity of advertising dollars the candidates spent this year. So this week I went out and explored two of my curiosities – first, who spent how much on television ads in the New Hampshire Primary and, second, what happens to any leftover money if a candidate pulls out. Television Ad Spending for NH Primary. According to an [...]

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Puerto Rico – Is Leadership Failing the People?

View along northern shore from the fort Castillo de San Cristobal (Photo by the author) Last week for the first time I traveled to Puerto Rico with Patti. I am ashamed to admit how little I knew about Puerto Rico before this trip. I did know that one of my baseball heroes, Roberto Clemente, came from there and the United States got connected to Puerto Rico after the Spanish American War and it is a territory of the United States. But that is pretty much it. So here are four things I have now learned that make me [...]

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Seeds of Entrepreneurship

Source: www.robertishere.com I am a sucker for entrepreneurial stories, especially ones with interesting seeds. By “seeds” I mean how they got started. Here are three stories with seeds from childhood, immigration, and an inspirational mom. Robert is Here. My colleague, Susannah, passed along a story about a terrific farm stand in Homestead, Florida called Robert is Here. This successful business, known for its key lime milkshakes, got started in the 1950’s when a young man named Robert sat beside the road selling his father’s cucumbers. Since six-year old Robert had to go to school, the cucumbers were sold [...]

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