I have always admired people who invent helpful products and get them into the market. Many of you know and see this when you watch Shark Tank.

This month Time Magazine published its top 25 inventions of 2017. Here are my five favorites.

Glasses that Help the Legally Blind See.  My favorite invention is a set of glasses called eSight 3 from eSight Eyewear that helps the legally blind navigate the world. Using 3D technology these glasses take-in surrounding information and instantly create high definition images the person can see. This can reduce the need for canes and guide dogs. While the glasses are currently very expensive ($10,000) there appears to be money available to help people acquire them.

Michelin’s 3-D Printed Tire. My next favorite invention is Michelin’s new 3-D printed wheel and tire named Vision, which could really change the tire industry in the future. These wheels are made from recycled materials, are airless so there will be no flat tires, and can adjust to different road conditions. The bad news is these tires are likely 10 years away from being mass-marketed.



A Safer Football Helmet. There is little doubt now that someone who suffers several concussions in sports like football has a higher chance of getting chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). This disease has led to player suicides and other debilitating symptoms after retirement, including memory loss, depression, anxiety, headaches, and trouble sleeping.  Enter the new helmet Zero1 by Vicis, which is made from a flexible polymer that absorb impacts and reduces greatly the impact on the brain. No 10-year wait for this product, it is now being tested by 18 NFL teams and may soon become the standard.


Ember Mug that Keeps Your Coffee Warm. While it is a bit self-indulgent and expensive ($80 right now), the Ember coffee mug keeps your coffee or tea at the perfect temperature you prefer. The mug comes with a special saucer that keeps the temperature consistent all-day long. The product also comes in a travel mug.

Halo Top. The final product that intrigued me is a low calorie, flavorful ice cream called Halo Top. With only 360 calories per pint this low sugar ice cream provides ice cream lovers a less fattening alternative.

Let me know of your favorite inventions you have seen this year!


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