Carving Out and Filling-up Jobs in Your Business

Have you ever noticed in football and baseball today there are several carved-out, specialty positions? For example, in baseball you have “closers,” like the Red Sox’s Greg Kimbrell. Closers are pitchers who only pitch the 9th inning when a team is leading by three or less runs. In football, for example, you have place kickers and punters. The players who fill these positions have very specific skills that help the team perform more successfully. And when they perform well, their teammates love them even though they don’t play very much. The same thing is happening in business. Many employers today [...]

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The Business of Staying Cool

Not long ago Johnny, one of our Board members from Florida, asked me, “Did you know the invention of air conditioning was the most important factor leading to Florida’s development?”  As logical as the premise was, I admitted it was news to me. And, of course, Johnny’s question piqued my curiosity. Air-Conditioning in the 1800s. In the 1830s Dr. John Gorrie from Florida, often referred to as the father of modern air-conditioning, used a system of suspended natural ice to cool the air and create a more comfortable recovery environment for his patients. He later invented a cooling system using [...]

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The Business of Thanksgiving and Black Friday

In this week when we give thanks for all our blessings it seems crazy to me so much attention is on expanding our bounties. But that is the reality. So this week I thought I would look at the business that is Thanksgiving Week. But first, let us not forget the first “Thanksgiving.” It happened in late September or early October 1621 when the Pilgrims harvested their first crops – corn, squash, beans, barley, and peas. They also shot many migrating ducks and geese. They harvested and boiled the then plentiful lobster. William Bradford organized a harvest celebration and invited [...]

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How to Waste Ad Dollars, Quickly

Photo by the Author Having lived in New Hampshire for 34 years I have met many Presidents and candidates and have experienced nine primaries and been exposed to thousands of television commercials. And, as a businessperson, I am envious of the quantity of advertising dollars the candidates spent this year. So this week I went out and explored two of my curiosities – first, who spent how much on television ads in the New Hampshire Primary and, second, what happens to any leftover money if a candidate pulls out. Television Ad Spending for NH Primary. According to an [...]

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Trump is Running for His Brand, Not for President

I usually stay out of commenting on politics. But since Donald Trump is really a businessman, who happens to be running for President, I cannot resist writing my opinion. I think Trump is using the media and his followers to advance his brand name and is not running out of respect for America. Unlike this political sign here in Exeter, when he says something controversial his brand is not damaged, it is strengthened. News channels like CNN and BBC broadcast his image internationally, free of charge. Many people agree with him and some buy or lease units in his properties. And [...]

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Sometimes You Have to Have Fun with Crazy E-Mails

In my current role I receive and review lots of e-mail messages. Some are written by just plain angry people with dark corners in their souls. Others are obviously computer-generated phishing messages. While I usually just hit the delete button, I have to admit once in a while I am tempted to write back and express what I really think. I think we all have received one of those e-mails from a prince in Nigeria or from an allegedly familiar person, who is stranded in some foreign country without money. While most of us delete these e-mails, my cousin, Ron, [...]

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Turn Down That Music

When I was in high school and home visiting from college my Dad often said, “Turn down that music!” Did this ever happen to you? What I did not expect a few weeks ago was someone to say it in a store I was in…here’s the rest of the story. Last week I was visiting a client work site with other members of our team at the J.C. Penney store in Peabody, Massachusetts. We were standing in the aisle of the kids clothing section looking very much like store management. An older woman walked by and asked us to turn [...]

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Remember, Your Customers Are Not Guitars

Perhaps, like millions of other Americans, you have already seen this video. It is how a customer of United Airlines got revenge for pitiful, inattentive customer service. The customer was Dave Carroll and he is a musician who watched out a jet window as baggage handlers threw his guitar case around and broke the guitar. And, after numerous failed attempts to get United Airlines to just repair the guitar, he got revenge the only way he knew how – he wrote and performed in a YouTube video that now has 14 million hits! Since then, United Airlines has tried to [...]

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Two Car Questions to Start the Year

I could not believe how many car commercials were on television this past week. It seemed like every time I turned on the television, there was another one. Since it was the last week of the year, it made me curious about two questions: What share of television commercials come from the auto industry? Is there real pressure to reduce inventory at year-end and give consumers deals? Advertising by Automobile Industry. Of all the sectors or media of advertising, television advertising is the largest with over $67 billion in annual revenues. (Advertising media include television, digital, print, […]

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