Deal With Problems One-on-One, Not in Group

Last week I saw this recurring behavior, again. And, every time I see it, I recognize it as a symptom of a supervisor who is avoiding conflict. It is something all supervisors, including me, have done at some point in our careers. What was it? It was a “training” for a whole team of mostly experienced, competent people on a topic that only one person was deficient. As I looked around at the faces of the people in the group, I saw each person become more and more disengaged. It was a waste of valuable time. A few years ago [...]

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Switchtracking Derails Receiving Feedback

Feedback is tricky business. For it to work effectively both the receiver and the giver have to be fully engaged. And we have to watch out for how our unconscious self can derail the process. Last week I was introduced to a feedback term called switchtracking on a fairly new podcast called the Hidden Brain (Episode 1, September 2015 ) hosted by Shankar Vedantam. Vedantam is a science correspondant on NPR and usually reports on human behavior and the social sciences. Switchtracking. The term switchtracking is described by author Sheila Heen as the process most receivers of feedback begin when [...]

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Let it Go

On Sunday night I settled down to do some reading. I picked-up my i-Phone to shut it down and there were three e-mails showing. I usually hit delete-delete-delete and deal with them in the morning. Unfortunately, though, I could see the first few words of one of the e-mails and I thought “urghhhh.” Have you ever had that happen to you? The next day I was talking with someone else who was wrestling with a similar situation, although it was a voice mail. This person asked me how I deal with these types of situations. And this is what I [...]

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