When Doing Good was Simple

(Photo by Toa Heftiba) If you are in business or work as a police officer, it is hard to do good today. Between social media and what seems to be lots of angry people and lawyers, no good deed goes unpunished. That is why this cool story from 1959 caught my eye. It happened in the eastern Maine community of Calais, which is right on the Canadian border. The story was shared by Al Churchill, a local attorney there and writer of a Calais historical blog we enjoy and often published at the St. Croix Historical Society website. [...]

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Did Steve Steal $1,000,000 from his Last Employer?

No, I did not, steal $1,000,000, but I got your attention. One thing I learned this week is if I had written that headline using another person’s name and did not say it was true in the article, I would not be guilty of libel. Headlines put in the form of a question, even though they give the reader a negative impression, are not illegal. That’s why you see so many on those magazines in the grocery aisle and in your e-mail. These strategies are at the heart of what you are seeing in “fake news.” And fake news is [...]

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Will Cellphone Videos Limit Cop Promotions?

Last week I wrote about how important it is for us to know how to tell stories in less than 400 words, which, if spoken, is about four minutes. So today let me tell you an amusing 400 word story about why one older policeman might be glad we didn’t have 24/7 police video recordings in the 1970s. Policeman Thankful No Cellphones in 1970s I wonder how many of today’s police officers will never be promoted to police chief because of a publicly released cellphone video.  And I don’t mean a video of something bad they did, but rather of [...]

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Lessons from a Lost Cell Phone and a Mattress in the Road

Photo by Jamie Street What moves you or me to take action? Over the last week this question has crossed my mind several times as I pondered human behavior involving a lost cell phone and a mattress in the road. A few weeks ago while riding my mountain bike on a familiar trail near our lake house I lost my cell phone. I noticed it was gone about halfway where I turn around and head back over the same trail. So on the way back I looked for it and didn’t find it. I wondered if I had [...]

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A Safe Home for the Brave

I think leaders are responsible for creating safe homes for their people. This is true whether you lead your family, a team, an organization, or a country. Unfortunately throughout history many leaders have failed at this responsibility and have actually hurt the people they should make safe, usually for personal financial gain and power. Suits in armor at Styrian Armoury in Graz, Austria (Photo by Steve Wood) Over the last two weeks Patti and I have had the lucky privilege of traveling around Austria. While the beauty and architecture of this region are arguably unmatched, it is the [...]