Fearing Failure is Really Fearing Shame

What are you afraid of? Coincidentally, within just a few hours the other day, I talked with people who were either terrified of public speaking or of having to fire someone or of Donald Trump being elected President. Then I read an interesting article about the anti-fear guru, Tony Robbins. So, naturally, I was curious to explore “fear” a little deeper. Fortunately, I do not have many fears. But I have one fear that I bet I share with you – fear of failing. And, if we do not recognize it and face it head on, this fear limits our [...]

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Don’t Leave Execution Up to Chance

There are times when our chance encounters have interesting outcomes. Last October when Patti and I were in Denver we had coffee with one of her high school friends, Cindy, at Starbucks. At the table next to us was a woman working on her laptop. Sitting on the edge of her table was a book. The book was upside down to me. Being the book nerd I am I kept sneaking a peek at it, trying to see the name and title. I finally figured-out the title, but I wanted to know more. As we were leaving I asked the [...]

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Zappos – Could it be the Wrong Thing for the Right Reason?

Have you experienced this with youth sports? You cluster a bunch of five-year olds together into their first soccer program. You try to teach them the basics. You go to the first “game” against another team of five-year olds. The parents and coaches tell the kids, “We are not keeping score, just go out and have fun.” The game ends and some kids are sad and some are happy. And the happy kids are jumping around saying, “We beat them 10 to 5.” No matter what well-intended rules the parents put in place, the kids know the score. It is [...]

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The More Things Change…

There is a very old expression that often comes to mind, "the more things change, the more they stay the same." And the funny thing about change leadership is the basic concepts have not changed over the years.

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