Two Russians Who Saved America

I worry sometimes what would happen if one of our world leaders, one without critical thinking skills, ordered the use of an atomic weapon. Hopefully, someone would step in and stop it. If you want to feel encouraged (or really scared) here are two stories about two Russians who saved America. Vasili Arkhipov. In October 1962 at the peak of the Cuban Missile Crisis Arkhipov was on a Russian submarine B-59 with nuclear torpedoes ready to launch. He was one of three superior officers on that submarine. On October 27th their submarine was submerged near Cuba when the U.S  aircraft [...]

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Why Congress is Not Smarter than a 5th Grader

Did you know that many elementary school students are learning to do something our Congress has yet to learn – reduce bullying by building relational trust? And, not surprisingly, the program was developed by women. It is a program with communication lessons that can greatly improve organizational and business success.

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Your Mission is to Know Why Your Organization Exists! Do You Accept?

I have been thinking about mission and vision and the future quite a bit recently. Because the external environment is so unstable, most of us are doing what we need to do to stay viable. We try to search for growth opportunities. We think about the products and services we offer, we might think about what our customer value proposition is, but we rarely think about “why” we exist.

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Is It Our Duty to be Servant Leaders?

Here is a faraway story you may have missed. It starts out when a two-year old girl's father, the leader of Burma, is assassinated. Later in life, with two sons and a husband then in England, she returns to her country to try and help her people get freed from a totalitarian regime. The people tried to elect her as their leader, but the brutal leadership made sure that didn’t happen. For over 20 years she was either imprisoned or placed under house arrest and couldn’t leave Burma (Myanmar). Her husband developed cancer and died in England – without her. [...]

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Are You a Liar?

I have been reading a great deal this week about self-deception and read a quote by Patrick Lencioni that got me thinking. He writes in his book The Advantage, “When you tell yourself you’re bad at holding people accountable because you don’t like hurting their feelings, you’re lying.”