Two Sides of Your Responsibility Coin

We have many roles in our lives and each role brings with it different responsibilities. This week when I was talking with someone about leadership roles I found myself using the two sides of a coin as a metaphor for the discussion. On the “heads” side of the responsibility coin are those leadership responsibilities you have because of your “positional” leadership role. Examples of these types of roles might be as a Team Leader, Manager, Chairperson, or President. With these roles come responsibilities unique to each organization. On the “tails” side of the responsibility coin are those leadership responsibilities that [...]

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How Is Your Moral Compass Working These Days?

Photo by AbsolutVision One of the problems with a compass is that it can be temporarily thrown off by surrounding electrical and magnetic forces. As a young Boy Scout I learned to orienteer using a compass and map. When you do this in the woods knowing which way is north is critical. I remember as a kid playing with my compass and putting it near objects to see what kinds of things would shift the needle away from magnetic north. I think the same thing can happen with each of our moral compasses – our true moral north [...]

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July 4th – A Leadership Holiday

Every year on the 4th of July I think about leadership. This year as I look around at all the leadership chaos around us, I am even more amazed at what happened on that Thursday 243 years ago. Two books help me understand the leadership lessons of 1776:  Revolutionary Summer by Joseph Ellis and Washington, A Life by Ron Chernow. Here are three leadership lessons that stand out: Senior leaders who set a clear overarching goal and stay focused on it will achieve great things. Smart and tactical leadership, in this case political, helps inspire the formation of front-line troops [...]

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