Tom Brady – Two Tips for Success in the Clutch

Even some of Tom Brady's biggest critics are in awe of his performance in Sunday’s Super Bowl. Like most of us, they admire two things: His ability to execute at the highest level and stay calm and focused at the end of the game; and to do all this when he is 39 years old. Brady is a great example of a credible leader and I could write pages on why I think this is true, but I will spare you – you saw that yourself. We also know that he keeps himself in incredible physical condition, working-out often longer [...]

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Respect Generations Don’t Label Them

I think it is interesting that we now like to “label” the generations. And, while it does make for some interesting conversations and some fun, I do not think it really does anything to help build healthy work cultures. The only label that does is “mutual respect.” At the end of this article I will share an interesting story about “respect” between the late John Glenn and baseball great, Ted Williams. In two weeks on Wednesday, January 18th from 9-10 AM I will be leading a free Spectrum Webinar called Four Generations in the Workplace – How Could Communication Be [...]

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Credibility – Yearn for It, Earn It, Vote for It

If you have been a faithful reader, you may remember a few years ago when I first wrote about how important credibility is to leadership. Given the upcoming election and the two candidates, I thought it might be helpful to review the four qualities of leaders who have credibility. This summer I finished reading the book George Washington, A Life by Ron Chernow, which is a very compelling book on arguably our most accomplished president. When we read about George Washington it is easy to see why he was one of the most admired leaders in history – he had [...]

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Rout the Doubts from Loss Fatigue

I can see it in his eyes. I can hear it in her voice. I know when a business or non-profit team loses money it can be very stressful for the people responsible. And when these losses occur for several months in a row, senior leaders need to not only study why the losses are occurring, but also watch for what I call loss fatigue – that state of weariness within a responsible manager created by ever-increasing doubts. If you have seen It’s a Wonderful Life you know George Bailey had serious doubts about his ability to run a profitable [...]

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Power of High Expectations

Low expectations are all around us and successful leaders know it. They also know it is their job to raise expectations and help people achieve more in their lives. Last week I listened to a powerful podcast on This American Life about Daniel Kish, a visually-impaired man known as Batman, who is changing the world of expectations for blind people. Daniel, who uses echolocation or clicks to find his way around, was not held back by his mother when he lost his eyes to cancer at 18 months old. She did not put limits on her expectations and, as a [...]

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Three Ways Robin Williams Teaches Leaders About Inspiration

While we all know Robin Willias was a comic genius and that he has wrestled with depression and substance abuse, we are also learning this week about how he personally reached out and inspired thousands of people with small acts of comic kindness.

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What Would Harry Truman Do?

Harry Truman was one of the few presidents who did his homework, had the courage to make tough decisions without worrying about getting re-elected, and always did what he thought was right.

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Pete Seeger – An Authentic Leader

Pete Seeger was a principled and controversial folk musician, who was born in 1919 in New York City. As a child of musicians, he was naturally attracted to music and first loved the ukulele and then the banjo.

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These Aren’t Your Father’s Ads

These days our leadership team is wrestling with how to effectively advertise our staffing services. We aren’t alone. Most mid-sized companies are asking the same question – where can we invest advertising dollars that will yield solid, first year returns?

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When Helpers Are Leaders – Three Lessons from the Boston Marathon and UNH

If you are from the greater Boston area, you won’t forget the Boston Marathon massacre for the rest of your life. We all know people who were there and many of us know people who were killed or injured. As I look back on this time, there are three management and leadership lessons I will remember.

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