It Is Your Employees They Want You to Replace

Sunset at Boothbay Harbor, Maine (Photo by Steve Wood) When well-meaning legislators pass laws they usually have no idea what might happen afterwards. Quite often laws create governmental jobs and whole departments that work hard to sustain themselves and create unintended, poor service side effects. In a minute I will share one example with you. One way to prevent this is to have meaningful “sunset” provisions. In basic terms a law that has a sunset provision means that at a certain date the law ceases. This forces citizens, bureaucrats, and legislators to review the law’s substance and refine [...]

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Can You Take on Coke and Pepsi as a Strategy?

When is it a good idea to take on Pepsi and Coke? Apparently you can when it involves the Super Bowl. I’ve just been reading about how a small company, SodaStream, tried to do just that and won in the eye of public opinion. And it teaches us how important public relations and the Internet are in building a marketing strategy today.

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