A Leadership Reality Show to Remember

Today, many Americans are hooked on reality shows. I hear people talk about Survivor, The Biggest Loser, and the Apprentice as if the participants are members of their families. So I have a great reality show for you to think about, especially if you are leader. Here are your first two challenges. First Challenge. Your name is John Carver. You have been selected to lead 102 people on a journey to a far-off land you have never seen. The journey will take more than a month. Your people will be confined on a ship into a space about 90 feet [...]

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How Do We Know the Red Sox Are A Dysfunctional Team?

Last week I was pleased to see the Boston Red Sox trade several of their expensive, all-star players to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Why was I pleased? Because I had stopped watching my favorite team and wanted a reason to watch again. I have wondered how such a talented group of athletes, several of whom won a World Series in Boston, became such a dysfunctional “team.” I also wondered why their management didn’t recognize and deal with the “dysfunctional” symptoms earlier. How to Detect a Dysfunctional Team. You can have talented team members assembled on the same team, but that doesn’t [...]

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