If you missed Part 1 of this article, you can read it here...> In Part 2 of this article, I explore how to recognize bully behavior in ourselves and others.

How to Recognize Bully Behavior. I think most people who aren’t bullies know a bully when they see one. When I was little, I watched the television show “Leave it to Beaver” and learned what bully behavior was from Eddie Haskell, the older kid who always picked on the little kid named the “Beaver.” Most bullies try to dominate and are personally critical of others. They are disrespectful, irresponsible, manipulative, demeaning, and care only about themselves.

In the table below, I have summarized behavioral comparisons between a good leader and a bully leader. As I prepared the list in the Table and reflected on myself, I wondered how many times I may have behaved like a bully and, of course, hope it wasn’t often.

Reflecting like this is good because it reminds us not to deceive ourselves if our behavior in certain circumstances is bully like. Although I believe we can change if we choose to, many bullies are pathological and have so deceived themselves that they may never change.


In the third and final part of this article coming soon, I’ll share with you some tips on how to deal with bully leaders.

March 12, 2012 14:42