A Thank You Note from Steve on a ShelfJust over three years ago I launched this Blog not knowing how it would go. Writing a piece every week has been challenging sometimes, especially since I want the information in it to be valuable to you. Recently, with the help of two very skilled people, we have created a new look for the site that I hope you will enjoy.

Steve on a Shelf. Since I often write about books I am reading, I wanted the website banner to have books in view. I also wanted something different and amusing. That was when the very creative and talented photographer, Kim Shimer, stepped in and suggested shrinking me down to be one with the books. As my wife quipped when she saw it, you are “Steve on a Shelf.” Thank you, Kim, for your creative touch.

Website Layout and Organization. Thanks to Jason Chagnon of JM Chagnon, who designed the new site and has been a great resource to me and our company, you can easily scroll down the home page now to see and connect to past blogs in chronological order. Also, along the top, you can see how we have organized blogs into topical areas, which makes it easier to peruse over 125 articles. You can, of course, search for topics on the home page down along the right side. Thank you, Jason!

Publishing the Blog. After I write the article I send it to Lisa Byrd, who deftly edits and publishes it. Lisa also makes suggestions on wording from time-to-time, which I really appreciate. Thank you, Lisa!

Subscribing via Email or RSS Feed. On the top right-hand side of the home page you can easily subscribe to a free e-mail delivery of the Blog. If you would prefer an RSS feed, you can choose that too when you subscribe.

I do also want to thank Traci Bisson, who helped me launch the site three years ago. She was instrumental in making it happen.

Finally, I must thank all of you who read my articles and pass along new ideas. Without you, I would have no Blog and I would be literally put up on the shelf. I hope that does not happen for a while.